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EnviroCore is Now Licensed to Drill in Kentucky!

 You heard right, EnviroCore is now licensed to drill in Kentucky!

Here are our current state drilling licenses:

  • Licensed Kentucky Driller
  • Licensed Ohio Driller
  • Licensed Indiana Driller
  • Licensed Pennsylvania Driller
  • Licensed West Virginia Driller

Contact us today for any of your environmental drilling needs!

Envirocore Availability

We are available 24/7 and currently licensed to work in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

You can reach us at our office at 614-733-0377 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or after hours at 614-263-6554.  Fax 614-873-0563.

New Cincinnatti Office

We are proud to announce our new Cincinnati office!

EnviroCore, LLC
4713 Industry Drive, Unit D
Fairfield, OH  45014

Contact Ray Cord @ 513-370-4878

Subsurface Investigation Qualification

A former Managing Member recently completed the Subsurface Investigation Qualification Course, which was created by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to qualify those contractors performing Geotechnical Investigations of Roadway Projects. This will allow us to work on projects involving the FHWA, as well as any state agencies which adopt the Qualification in the near future.

EnviroCore Purchases Air/ Water Knife

EnviroCore purchased a brand new VacMasters 1000. This top-of-the-line unit offers customers both air and water knifing capabilities in a single unit. This is a huge advantage over “water knife only” units since air is a much safer potholing tool, preventing damage to underground utilities often caused by high pressure water systems, yet water is still available when the need arises. In addition, the unit comes with a drum interceptor, which deposits your waste soils directly into a standard 55-gallon drum! Imagine never having to wait on your drilling crew to empty and clean the spoils tank!

Drilling Staff Completes Soil Vapor Investigation Training

As many of you know, the Ohio EPA has placed an extra emphasis on soil vapor sampling of Clean Ohio sites. In order to better train our drilling staff, Joe Fleck, President of EnviroCore, spent many hours researching the tools and techniques in order to perform these investigations and shared that knowledge with our team. Joe also asked Mr. Karl Reinbold, Lead GeoProbe Operator for the Ohio EPA, to perform a training session with our drilling staff. Since then, EnviroCore has performed numerous soil vapor sampling investigations – everything from sub-slab vapor points to multi-point nested wells.

EnviroCore hits 434 feet!

On a cold, windy day this past April, GeoProbe Operator Jacob Gilliam and a former employee hit a new mark for soil sampling production. In an eight-hour day on a VAP site in Westerville, OH, this dynamic duo continuously sampled 11 borings to about 40 feet, for a total of 434 feet! The rig of choice was the 6620DT, as the site had many areas of standing water. Congrats Guys!

EnviroCore takes delivery of new 6620DT from GeoProbe

In a continuing effort to meet customer demand and keep our fleet up-to-date, EnviroCore took delivery of a brand new 6620DT track-mounted GeoProbe rig. This unit is equipped with all the bells and whistles, including GH62 percussion hammer, two-speed auger attachment, and overhead winch line.

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