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Photos: Envirocore's Environmental Drilling Story

Here are some great photos that show a bit more about us. Envirocore isn't just one of the best environmental drilling companies in the midwest - we're also a unique company with great employees! Here's where we showcase some of the neat projects, equipment, staff and our own personality. We hope you enjoy!


This is Envirocore's very first drilling rig - the one that started it all! We've come a long way from here, but owe a lot to this truck. It's long gone now, but it had over 200,000 miles on it when we sold it.


Here's a soil core on a table.

One of the unique things about Envirocore is that we have a table set up for soil cores to rest on. Not to say we pioneered it, but not that many people were doing it when we started out.


Here's our Diedrich Track D-50, one of our larger and more versatile drilling rigs. It has 24-inch wide tracks to get around, giving it a nice ability to go over a variety of surfaces.  It's just one of our 7 track rigs.

Here's a pic of a track unit installing a Piezometer (or piezo for short) for injection wells. Here we installed about a hundred piezometers. 

Here's a Diedrich D-50 all-purpose drill rig mounted on a Ford F550 truck.
Here 4.5" rods are being drilled using our 6620 Geoprobe drill rig.

Here's our 6600 Geoprobe doing angle drilling next to a railroad track.

Here's a 6600 Geoprobe drilling at a petroleum plant.

Here's Travis Hefner using our Track 6620 Geoprobe drill rig on the side of a highway.
Here's a Geoprobe 6620 doing flight auger drilling.

Here's a Geoprobe 6620 Geoprobe doing LIF, or Laser-Induced Fluorescence.

LIF (Laser-Induced Fluorescence) attached to the top of rods.
A 6620 Geoprobe in the field.

A 7822DT Geoprobe on the Little Scioto River.

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