Geoprobe Direct Push Drilling

Direct Push Drilling with Geoprobe Equipment

EnviroCore is an environmental drilling services company serving all of Ohio and neighboring states. Our Geoprobe™ and HSA drilling rigs and crews are able to quickly reach across the state.

Our Geoprobe™ and Hollow-stem auger drilling services include:

  • Geoprobe™ soil sampling systems, including Macro-Core, Dual Tube,
  • Large Bore, and discrete samplers
  • Low-clearance soil and Groundwater sampling with Geoprobe™ cart rig and auxillary power
  • SP 16 Geoprobe™ water sampling to 100’
  • Split-spoon sampling with conventional HSA rig or Geoprobe™ equipped with auto hammer
  • Air-rotary drilling with 3 7/8ths thru 5 7/8ths tri-cone roller bit
  • Temp well installation via Geoprobe™ 2.25-inch to 4.5-inch probe rods
  • 2-inch thru 6-inch Monitor Well installation with conventional HSA rig or Geoprobe™ rig
  • SPT sampling with calibrated auto hammers (calibrated every 2 years) on Geoprobe and conventional drills
  • Well abandonment or well sealing services with tremmie pipe
  • Chemical injections services with
  • Geoprobe and ISCO remediation services with Geoprobe
  • OEPA/ USEPA/ Ohio VAP compliant soil gas sampling points
  • Sub slab vapor sampling (via Cox-Colvin vapor pins)
  • Sub surface soil vapor point installation with Geoprobe
  • Soil Vacuum Service to 7’ bls
  • Concrete core drilling and sawing

Our fleet consists of Geoprobe 7822 / Geoprobe 6620 / Geoprobe 7800 / Geoprobe 6600 and conventional hollow-auger drilling rigs, including:

  • 2013 GeoProbe™ 7822 Track Rig
  • 2013 Geoprobe™ 7800 Truck rig
  • 2012 GeoProbe™ 7822 Track Rig
  • 2010 Geoprobe™ 7822 Track Rig
  • 2009 Low-clearance Hollow-stem auger Track Rig (Diedrich D-50)
  • 2007 Geoprobe™ 6620 Track Rig
  • 2006 Geoprobe™ 6620 Track Rig
  • 2004 Geoprobe™ 6620 Track Rig
  • 2002 GeoProbe™ 6600 on 2012 4×4 Heavy-duty truck