We are proud to share some happy sentiments from clients! It’s proof of the hard work that we do. We strive to do great work and offer consistent results over time, so we are thrilled to hear these sorts of things from our valued clients. ????

EnviroCore has consistently been the most responsive drilling contractor that we utilize. Their ownership and staff have a positive can-do attitude even under the most difficult circumstances. When it comes to drilling contractors, EnviroCore is my top pick.

I am so proud to work with Envirocore and more than ecstatic to spread the word. I have never been disappointed in your work, and have always been impressed! You all do such a fantastic job! The consensus in my office is that we enjoy working with you and will continue! Joe and his crew are the BEST and there are many reasons why you guys are growing at such a rapid pace!

EnviroCore has been there time and time again when I needed work done with time constraints. They have the right equipment, no matter the job, and they stand behind their services, which are top notch.

EnviroCore has provided a high quality service at an affordable price on many subsurface soil investigation projects. EnviroCore’s professionalism and responsiveness has provided EES with a valuable asset to service our clients.


BBCM has used EnviroCore many times for our environmental drilling. We’ve been very satisfied with the cost, timing, and performance of EnviroCore and their personnel on all of our projects. We’ve appreciated Joe’s input on past projects on how to efficiently collect soil samples in challenging situations such as inside of buildings with low clearance and on steep slopes.

My first experience with your crews was in May of last year and you have since become my drillers of choice for all jobs and applications. I have always been met by respect, hard work and a dedication to the craft by your drillers. Never have I been told “No” or “I can’t do that” – it’s always whatever I needed to get a job done. I’ve had the pleasure to work with the majority of your crews and come to know that all your crews at Envirocore are “A-Teams”. From the Geoprobe for investigations to the D-50 for well installation, your crews come prepared and ready to work, an attitude that is appreciated by the consultant and often overlooked by several of your competitors; although, in my opinion Envirocore has no competitors.

I know when EnviroCore is on the job, the work will get done correctly and efficiently. No cutting corners, no complaining, they get the job done accurately and professionally, and the staff is a joy to work with.

EnviroCore has the best pricing and the some of the best staff that I’ve encountered in my 17 years in the business.


We have been using EnviroCore since Joe first started the business and have been very satisfied will their services. They have well maintained equipment and have been willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs.